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Sustainable Food Sourcing

Sustainable Luxury

Sustainability means longevity, which is relevant to The Peninsula Hotels with our almost century-long history. Looking to the future, we continually ask ourselves what lasts, what endures, and how we can safeguard the things that really matter.

Our company, like all businesses, impacts the world around us, and as such at The Peninsula Hotels we strive to ensure our influence is positive, on the environment as well as on society. We share this vision with our guests: they appreciate that while we are devoted to their comfort, providing quality and enjoyment must also be done with respect for our world. Sustainability and luxury share similar values: as we endeavour to offer refined craftsmanship and exceptional service, which is sustainable because it is timeless, thoughtful and purposeful.

As a modern business engrained in heritage, every decision we make must consider the welfare of all stakeholders. It is through this lens that we view the future, with an unwavering commitment to enhance our guest’s experience, empower our people, and enrich our communities.

Since the start of our sustainability journey in 2007, and the launch of our first Sustainable Luxury strategy in 2013, we have achieved over 90% of the sustainability goals we set for ourselves. More recently, we have transitioned to our new Sustainable Luxury Vision 2030, which has at its heart what we believe to be the three key topics of concern for the future:

• Diminishing natural resources such as energy, water and food

• Climate change, and

• Growing social inequalities

Our business is a complex one, building and operating five-star luxury hotels in iconic locations globally. This translates to a myriad of measures minimising the negative impacts of our activities. Here are just a few examples of the initiatives we are undertaking:

Investing in Tomorrow

As we look to the future, we continue to focus on creating positive impact for all stakeholders. We add value to the guest experience by procuring renewable resources, operating sustainably, and understanding the provenance of our supplies. Our people work in a safe and inclusive workplace, equipped with career opportunities, and we will continue to support our communities, forging partnerships and collaborations with like-minded businesses to drive sustainable change together.

We invite you to discover more: Sustainable Luxury Vision 2030.